How to Print without Trailing Newline in Swift?

Print without Trailing Newline

To print without a trailing newline in Swift, pass an empty string to the terminator parameter of print() function, along with the string you print.

The default value for terminator is "\n". So, if we do not provide any value for terminator during print() function call, it prints a new line after printing all the items. To override this behaviour, and to not print a new line, do pass an empty string for terminator.

Swift Example

In this example, we will print a greeting messages to command line output using print() function, but without a new line at the end.


import Foundation

print("Hello World", terminator:"")
print("Hello User", terminator:"")
print("Hello World Again", terminator:"")

Program Output

Hello WorldHello UserHello World Again


We have learnt how to print without a new line at the end, in Swift.